‘Diaper Dans’ Show Their ‘Disney Side’ On Main Street U.S.A. at Walt Disney World Resort « Disney Parks Blog

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The good folks at the DisneyParks blog are nearly as fond as we are of barbershop’s most famous ambassadors. They recently asked the critical origins question:

No matter what age, everyone seems to have a “Disney Side.” That concept led us to a question: how early in their lives did the famed Dapper Dans begin honing their skills as a barbershop quartet? For years, The Dapper Dans have been favorites among Disney Parks guests for their blend of harmonies and hijinks. Whether they’re in the Harmony Barber Shop or riding aboard the Main Street Trolley, the Dapper Dans provide a soundtrack like no other on Main Street U.S.A.

In honor of the famed foursome, we asked them to lend a hand in helping to train a troupe of newcomers. Today, we are pleased to present the world premiere of … The Diaper Dans.

via ‘Diaper Dans’ Show Their ‘Disney Side’ On Main Street U.S.A. at Walt Disney World Resort « Disney Parks Blog.

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Rogue Valley Harmonizers carry the music to the schools

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You may have read in the Harmonizer about this chapter’s great ongoing efforts to support local music education. Here’s a very nice recent TV appearance.

BOOSTING THE SCHOOL EXPERIENCE“Get America Singing Again,” Friends of Children and School on WheelsPeople who care deeply about kids are finding more and more creative ways to fill the gaps in today’s public school offerings, and the difference they make can’t be overstated. P

via Thanks to Green Drinks | Immense Possibilities.

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Social Media and barbershop culture make relocation easy

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Jude ThomasJude Thomas demonstrates an important appeal of the Barbershop Harmony Society: it’s friendly, open culture that welcomes brothers from across the continent.

Moving across the country with no job prospects, few contacts, and a modest savings is a difficult proposition. However, Voices of Gotham, and barbershop in general, made this transition not only easier, but also actually rewarding and enjoyable. Because of barbershop music I was immediately able to plug into a community and meet dozens of people ready to share their music and friendship with me. In addition, because of the contacts I’ve made here in Voices of Gotham, I’ve been able to find some work, meet people in my profession, and even found a place to live. It has transcended the music-making experience and it is truly a community of people interacting and doing what people do.

Voices of Gotham is more than a group I’ve joined to simply open my mouth and make sound with. It is a place I go every week to remind myself what kind of person I am, and why I make music. I still have a long way to go on my journey here in New York, and in my career; but I know that wherever that takes me I will always have Voices of Gotham and barbershop harmony as an important part of that journey.

via A New Barbershopper — Voices of Gotham.

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National Tribute to a Barbershop Great

Posted by Becca Grimmer | Posted in Press Clippings | Posted on April 3, 2014, 9:20 AM


Comedian Tom Shillue* showed a more serious side on Fox News Insider paying tribute to barbershop great, Tom Spirito (The Four Rascals, Boston Common), who passed away on Sunday. When asked if he was serious about being a barbershopper he said, “”It’s not a joke! It’s four-part harmony! It’s close to my heart.”

Today on The Five, guest host Tom Shillue paid tribute to Barbershop Quartet great Tom Spirito, who passed away on Sunday.

 “When other kids were listening to AC/DC, I was spinning records of the Four Rascals and the Boston Common [quartet]. Thank you Tommy, you taught me how to sing,” he said.

Shillue’s quartet models themselves after Spirito and the Four Rascals. He recently performed in a Barbershop Quartet with Justin Timberlake on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.’

*Tom is the lead of Scollay Square Quartet, and more famously known as the bass in Jimmy Fallon’s quartet “The Ragtime Gals

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Barbershop Harmony Society to bring 7,000 fanatical singers to Pittsburgh in 2015

Posted by Brian Lynch | Posted in 2015 Pittsburgh | Posted on April 3, 2014, 9:00 AM


logo_pittsburgh2015_transparentOutreach and support for local music education to highlight service-oriented convention

If the Barbershop Harmony Society has its way, there won’t be a street corner that isn’t ringing with harmony next summer, when its annual convention comes to Pittsburgh June 28-July 5, 2015.

Speaking at the VisitPITTSBURGH annual meeting, Society CEO Marty Monson outlined a vision of service tied to the “Tourism Builds Community” theme promoted by the bureau. “For 75 years, our conventions have swept into town, sung up a storm, spent ten million dollars in lodging and hospitality, then disappeared, leaving only an echo. We want to change that. We want to make a lasting impact in the communities we visit, by helping shine a spotlight on the good that music brings to lives. We want to start making friends and contacts throughout the region whom we can partner with to make a difference –not just for a week, but with a lasting impact.”

To that end, the Society is actively seeking community partners in the arts and tourism sectors that have needs that Barbershoppers can support while visiting. “We hope that vocal ensembles of all stripes will sing with us and allow us to sing with them to celebrate our shared passion for creating something beautiful in community with others. We want to be of service, of all kinds — fundraising, supporting music educators, and bringing music resources to all communities.”

Monson was joined at the event by college quartet champion The Newfangled Four, which earlier performed in school and community venues throughout the area. “We are trying to spread the message to young people especially that music is a lifelong activity that brings joy, health and stability to people’s lives. Music crosses bridges and borders to unite us. It’s never too early or too late to sing.”

The Barbershop Harmony Society convention will be one of Pittsburgh’s largest events in 2015, drawing more than 7,000 guests from around the world, spending an estimated $10-$12 million.

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“Carry the Tune” documentary project asks, “Is there musical life after high school?”

Posted by Brian Lynch | Posted in Together, Making The Music That's Making A Difference | Posted on April 2, 2014, 3:38 PM



Paul Trapkus is an orchestra teacher in Longmont, Colorado, who is a true believer in the value of lifelong musical learning. He contacted us recently regarding a documentary film he is attempting to fund on Kickstarter around this premise:

An enormous amount of individual work goes into the study of music, and teachers work tirelessly to encourage a lifelong learning of music in their students. Yet researchers and music educators estimate that only 10-20% of students are actually continuing their musical studies after high school. Many students quit simply because they aren’t aware of the many ways to continue.

This documentary seeks to reveal those ways of continuing musical study after high school by following college students and adults who have done so. In addition to traditional ensembles, we will explore other examples of avocational music-making, such as jam sessions, a cappella groups, chamber music, and laptop orchestras. We intend to show that it is possible and even profoundly enjoyable to stay involved with music without necessarily majoring in it or making a career out of it. We will also examine the skewed value that our society places on music and how that impacts students’ decisions about their futures.

Sure sounds like the Barbershop Harmony Society is among the solutions, doesn’t it? Interesting that fellow travelers look to us as leaders in this movement, too.

For further information, visit Carry the Tune by SCOPA — Kickstarter. (As always, carefully read and understand Kickstarter Basics about accountability.)

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National Anthems mean more when sung with respect

Posted by Brian Lynch | Posted in Press Clippings | Posted on March 31, 2014, 6:30 PM


Props to the Delta Dons quartet, the self-described “Goodfellas of the East Bay,” for a nice performance at recent hockey game and a reminder of what is important.

The quartet sings the song straight, without the self-adulation common to many contemporary performers (both professional and junior wanna-bes) –and the crowd knows it. Listen to the cheers and applause as they near the tag; this is an audience that recognizes patriotism superseding ego.

“The most important part is that it comes straight from the heart, and be sung with understanding and affection.”

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Set the DVR for this Fox News tribute to Tommy Spirito

Posted by Lorin May | Posted in History, In the news, Just for Fun, Media | Posted on March 31, 2014, 6:25 PM


Four Rascals-5

Set the DVR on Fox News at 4 a.m. Eastern for a moving tribute to recently departed quartet icon Tommy Spirito of the Four Rascals, widely considered one of the greatest quartets never to win.

In the closing moments of “THE FIVE,” each of the members has the opportunity to talk about something, not in the headlines, that caught their attention. Tom Shillue, a professional comedian, Society quartetter and frequent Fox News personality, discusses the death of Tommy Spirito and thanks him for teaching him how to sing. There are clips of the Rascals and the Boston Common as well as Tom’s own quartet Scollay Square quartet.

Tom Shillue is also famous as bass of The Ragtime Gals, a recurring quartet featuring Jimmy Fallon at lead on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. (Read about it on page 7 of the March/April issue of The Harmonizer,www.barbershop.org/harmonizer.)

Thanks, “Montana Jack” for the tip!

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Vocal Majority builds audiences with show previews

Posted by Brian Lynch | Posted in #youredoingitright | Posted on March 31, 2014, 4:45 PM


We just discussed that way that some chapters consistently demonstrate savvy that you can emulate.

For example, the esteemed Vocal Majority builds audiEnce excitement for its spring showS by offering a preview video featuring Musical Director Greg Clancy and Show Producer Phil McShan as they discuss the show.



You can do this, too.

Full post: Featured Video — The Vocal Majority Chorus.


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Why some names crop up more often than others

Posted by Brian Lynch | Posted in #youredoingitright, Run your chapter | Posted on March 31, 2014, 2:48 PM


From time to time, your communications team at Harmony Hall is asked, “Why do you always write about (choose any or all) the Vocal Majority, the Alexandria Harmonizers, the Voices of Gotham? There are many other chapters doing good work, too!” -or the same, ending in) “… Most of us don’t have the resources, contacts, to do these things, and it makes us look bad.”

Fair points both. The shortest answer might be, “Because these groups  are experimenting with activities and techniques that you deserve to copy!” Not very group is equipped to do these things to the same degree, with the same level of expertise, or with the same results, but they still provide models of the kinds of things that help chapers grow, thrive, and reach broader audiences—even chapters with limited resources.

Many of the activities highlighted in various channels are not beyond the potential of most chapters. When you saw a great fundraising video by Voices of Gotham, you also got to peek behind the scenes to how it was made. The Alexandria marketing team showed how a free online video editor made a great promo for its Aca-Challenge event. True, some high-profile, influential appearances for major choral conferences are best undertaken by champ-level performers. In those cases, we should all celebrate the great reputation that we all derive; it redounds to our mutual pride and shared success. Be sure to share the link with all in your own spheres of influence, so that everyone knows that you are part of a worldwide fellowship of musicians who are making a difference in people’s lives through passionate performance of a wonderful style of music.

One other thing. We don’t always write about these chapters, but they always write about themselves, making a conscious choice to provide public information and explanation about what they are doing and how and why they are doing it, so that we can all benefit. If your chapter has a success or an innovation to share, please do,  and we’ll be happy to share that as well! Keep those links and references coming — teachable moments come from all corners of the barbershop planet.

Updated: A few minutes later, we also noticed good examples from the Vocal Majority‘s spring show preview and from the Sault Ste. Marie Northland Chorus poetry-centered production.

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Poetic theme earns nice coverage

Posted by Brian Lynch | Posted in Press Clippings, Run your chapter | Posted on March 31, 2014, 11:19 AM


The Northland Barbershop Chorus of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, earned some nice pre-show press coverage because of the unique material which serves as the connecting theme of the show:

Bob Shami started to warm up to a story about the Klondike Gold Rush long before Old Man Winter settled in for the season.

Northland Barbershop Chorus liked a pitch from Vernon Bailey to feature works by The Bard of the Yukon, Robert Service. The decision to head north for creative inspiration Saturday’s show at Kiwanis Community Theatre Centre was made last summer.

Shami, the group’s music director, wrote a script, North To Alaska, that ties together six of Service’s poems performed by Bailey and 10 songs sung by the 40-plus members of the chorus.

Bailey, who just wrapped up a four-night run in Family Life Theatre’s production of Moon Over Buffalo, will recite excerpts of The Call of the Wild, The Trail of Ninety-Eight and The Ballad of Blasphemous Bill and full versions of Laziness, A Sourdough Story and The Cremation of Sam McGee.

That list follows Shami scouring hundreds of Service’s poems – the native of Preston, England wrote more than 1,000 – over a three-month span “trying to find just exactly the right pieces that would fit the music that we have in mind to do.”

Shami could only dig up one song, North to Alaska, about the gold rush that audiences

would know. He rounded out the group’s program with tunes that relate to the experiences of the 100,000 men who dreamed of striking it rich. Only a few hundred would end up making that claim.

“It’s a fascinating story,” said Shami. “The hardship they endured was colossal. Most were unprepared for how difficult it was.”

Full story: Barbershoppers strike gold | Sault Star.

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Look summerwards, heavenwards

Posted by Adam Scott | Posted in Song of The Week | Posted on March 31, 2014, 10:32 AM



As Spring struggles to emerge, it’s time to talk summer. Many chapters muster special ensembles to perform as replacements for vacationing church choirs. It’s a fulfilling service and offers great community exposure.

Our songs this week are perfect for this, and are great change-of-pace numbers for your general show repertoire.

I’ll Fly Away” is a Don Gray classic that will be familiar to anyone who has heard Keepsake’s riff on it. Propulsive, ringing, inspiring– we love it!

He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands” is Freddie King’s take on this Sunday-school standby. In fact, it would be a great song to sing with the little urchins the cherubic Sunday School kids at a church performance. Always find ways to involve your audience in singing!

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Someone Put A Baritone In Charge of the Choreography

Posted by Becca Grimmer | Posted in Just for Fun, Social Media, Youth in Harmony | Posted on March 31, 2014, 9:52 AM


We asked our Facebook fans to caption the below image. Thanks to all 37 witty, snarky and hilarious comments it was hard to pick one, so here are a few favorites.


MOST LIKES - Someone put a baritone in charge of the choreography.  -Brad ‘Wombat’ Randal
WITTY - For my next trick, I will make the baritones disappear! -Bryan Andrew Lambe
OH, SNAP! - Well, it’s no Tony Bennett Medley… -Drew  McMillan

–Somebody said we’re putting on vegetable costumes during the break -George C Jackson, Jr.
–Our future is in good jazz hands… -Paul Agnew
–Per new C&J rules – All ties will be broken by a pose-off. -Paul Agnew
–What do you mean by ‘festival’ rather than contest? -Nathan Ogg

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

P.S. Why is everybody always picking on the baritones?

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Afterglow? The whole darn place is an afterglow

Posted by Brian Lynch | Posted in 2014 Las Vegas | Posted on March 27, 2014, 9:18 AM



Admit it: you’re addicted to afterglow. First comes the “official” afterglow, with a few bevvies and a few more songs from the evening’s performers. Then comes the “real” afterglow, with a lot more singing. Then the “after-afterglow,” when you repair to some hospitality rooms or lounges for a cozier party. Then, at last, the “glimmer,” when it’s down to you and a select, rotating cast of guys who defy good sense, schedules, and thoughts of work next week, to eke out another try at that bizarro double-quartet

Sadly, though, in most towns the bar closes down at 1:00 or 2:00 or 3:00 am, just when that pick-up tag quartet is just getting really good.

Not in Vegas, baby. It never closes. Keep singing. You can always find someplace to stay “hydrated.” Heh. Hydrated.

Register now.

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“Fix My Choir” — now casting nationwide

Posted by Brian Lynch | Posted in Media | Posted on March 26, 2014, 2:01 PM


This could be awesome. Or tragic.

The Casting Firm and a Major Cable Network are searching nationwide for choirs to transform on the new series “FIX MY CHOIR”!

  • Is your choir in trouble?
  • Are finances, a lack of resources, failing instruments or other challenges plaguing your choir?
  • Is conflict between choir members keeping you from becoming great?
  • Is your choir’s vocal ability not coming through because of infighting or lack of practice?
  • Do you worry your choir will fall apart if things don’t improve?
  • Does your choir have a unique or compelling story the world needs to know?

A GRAMMY WINNING ARTIST along with a CELEBRATED GOSPEL STAR and team of experts will transform struggling choirs into inspiring musical powerhouses! Seeking choirs with bold, outgoing members who are ready to open their doors and let our experts take their choral program to the next level!

Full details:  Fix My Choir – NOW CASTING NATIONWIDE! :: The Casting Firm.

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A Wonderful Surprise | The Georgetown Dish

Posted by Brian Lynch | Posted in Press Clippings | Posted on March 24, 2014, 2:28 PM


The A Ca Challenge paid off for the Harmonizers, in ticket sales, and meeting new audiences:

The Alexandria Harmonizers Chorus is a chapter of the Society for Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America. Like me, before I went to their performance, I am sure this description may have already turned you off. I used to equate barber shop quartets with four guys singing old songs in colorful jackets and straw hats.

Then I want to the A CA Challenge last Saturday night at the Lincoln Theatre and I will never think of them the same way again.

Full story: The Alexandria Harmonizers Chorus: A Wonderful Surprise | The Georgetown Dish.

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University of La Verne showcases international barbershop & school singers

Posted by Brian Lynch | Posted in Press Clippings | Posted on March 21, 2014, 5:54 PM


It’s always nice to hear that the music we make can transofrm a life. Here’s some nice coverage from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune about a college workshop headlined by Ringmasters.


LA VERNE — Zachary Green didn’t realize he could sing until 18 months ago, but the moment he heard The Ringmasters, he knew his vocal niche was barbershop quartet singing.

When other University of La Verne students and Inland Valley residents recently witnessed the perfect-pitch magic and energitic stage presence of Ringmasters’ bass Martin Wahlgren, baritone Emanuel Roll, lead Rasmus Krigstrom and tenor Jakob Stenberg, they also fell under the mesmerizing spell of the world’s best barbershop quartet.

The four men from Stockholm, Sweden headlined a concert coordinated by ULV associate music and voice professor Carol Stephenson at the university’s Morgan Auditorium last week. The concert also featured Dolce, the 2012 Sweet Adelines’ Region 21 champions, and ULV’s 3rd St. Sound, The A-Team and the Lordsburg Brothers.

Full story:  University of La Verne showcases international barbershop & school singers.

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With Aliens Tradition, something always goes haywire

Posted by Brian Lynch | Posted in Press Clippings | Posted on March 21, 2014, 4:41 PM


They’re back! (Mostly.) One of the best-loved, funniest quartets in barbershop history, will perform again this weekend  in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Barbershop Quartet contest Q&A: With Aliens Tradition, something always 'goes haywire' | OregonLive.com

We talked with Chuck Olson, a 79-year-old Forest Grove resident and the baritone for The Aliens Tradition.

His barbershop quartet group is performing again after about 10 years, when the original group The Aliens disbanded after the lead singer moved away and soon died of cancer.

Olson is quite the barbershop quartet buff on his own: he has competed 31 times in the ballad town contest with The Aliens and 12 times without The Aliens.

Q: Tell us a little about The Aliens Tradition!

A: We sort of wanted to light that old fire again. The three of us [who are left] invited our friend from McMinnville to be part of it.

It’s a slightly different sound but pretty much the same performance.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the competition?

A: It started with some of the quartets that used to compete. I was friends with some of them, like the Ford-O-Matics of Seattle. I idolized them.

The whole tradition is my favorite. There is nothing like the contest out here.

Q: Is there anything you’re especially excited to perform?

A: This song that has been one the audience favorites — we call it our hairpiece song — “I’m Alone Because I Love You.”

I “accidentally” pull off a quartet member’s hairpiece without the man knowing, and the whole time this love ballad is going on he has no hair.

Q: So you like to bring a little comedy into it?

A: That’s been our forte. We sing songs, regular barbershop songs, but then something goes haywire.

Full story:  Barbershop Quartet contest Q&A: With Aliens Tradition, something always ‘goes haywire’ | OregonLive.com.

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Love the song? The track is even better

Posted by Adam Scott | Posted in Song of The Week | Posted on March 21, 2014, 9:18 AM


Not too often do folks hop in their cars, buckle up, and say to themselves, “Tunes. Must have tunes to drive. Ah, there it is: my favorite aerobics workout CD.”
Barbershoppers, on the other hand, regularly ease the pain of commuting by listening to their learning tracks. Not just for the brain workout, either; some learning tracks today are perfectly satisfying for leisure listening, because the technology has improved immensely, and the singers are second-to-none.
Which brings us to this month’s hit. In case you missed it, “All I Do Is Dream of You” is guaranteed to be a sweet number for any ensemble. Masterfully arranged by David Wallace, it uses an easy-going swing and Big Band feel to deliver on this tune from “Singin’ in the Rain.” Accessible range and fun syncopations make this song, recently revived by Michael Bublé, a sure hit!
The learning track is awesome, recorded by master singer, arranger, and music educator Gary Lewis, a three-time gold medal quartetter (Platinum (2000), Max Q (2007), and college champ The Real Deal (1994)), chorus director, and master track maker.
Missed a recent Song of the Week? Find links to past entries at www.barbershophq.com/category/music/song-of-the-week
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Listen up: barbershop podcasts

Posted by Brian Lynch | Posted in Media | Posted on March 20, 2014, 5:13 PM



The only thing Barbershoppers like better than singing is talking about singing. Here are a few barbershop podcasts that prove it.

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Do you Instagram?

Posted by Becca Grimmer | Posted in Social Media | Posted on March 20, 2014, 9:17 AM


We do! Check out this post from our Instagram feed. We call it “15 Seconds of Harmony (Because That’s All Instagram Allows)”

Follow us on Instagram for more posts like this!

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HOT! Platinum-seller “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz now published by the Barbershop Harmony Society

Posted by Adam Scott | Posted in Song of The Week | Posted on March 19, 2014, 10:34 AM


ImYoursJasonMrazTalking pop music? They don’t come any more popular than  this one! Six-time platinum seller “I’m Yours” has been the biggest hit yet for Jason Mraz. At 76 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, it held the record for most weeks spent on the chart, breaking the previous record of 69 weeks. As of January 2013, it is the tenth best-selling digital song of all time in the U.S., selling over 6 million downloads and 9.5 million worldwide.

Our newest chart comes from the pen of internationally-acclaimed arranger/performer Dr. Kirby Shaw. And the learning track? Oh yeah, that would be Tony De Rosa.

The hottest chart of the year is here. Now. Go!

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13 Signs You Are A Barbershopper

Posted by Becca Grimmer | Posted in Just for Fun | Posted on March 19, 2014, 7:59 AM


We asked our Facebook friends to help us to answer this: You know you’re a barbershopper if _________. We had a overwhelming 152 (and counting) responses, so we decided to feature some of them here “Buzzfeed” style! Here we go!


1. You attempt to blow a pitch on an Oreo cookie.



2. Your family vacations revolve around conventions.



3. A perfect 4-part harmonic moment sends your spirit soaring like nothing else ever could.



4. Your boss called you out for wearing your contest attire to work.


work attire

5. You have (at least) 3 best friends.


best friends

6. Your “inner music judge” comes out when listening to the radio.



7. Your license plate represents.



8. You harmonize with the ambient noise around you.




9. You know the words to more songs from the early 1900s than from the 2010s.












10. You plan pregnancies around District and International events.



11. You already know who’s singing at your funeral.












12. You are willing to spend 7 days away from your family, hearkening back to your college days, sleeping in dorm rooms, so that you can learn more about a passion that gives you zero financial benefit!




13. You have a “barbershop section” in your closet that consists mostly of costumes and sequin vests.




What type of barbershopper are you? CLICK TO FIND OUT!

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How To Socialize: Member Spotlight

Posted by Becca Grimmer | Posted in #youredoingitright, Chapters, Social Media, Why I Barbershop | Posted on March 18, 2014, 9:57 AM



Most of us have seen reality shows. They’re hard to miss in today’s world. What these shows do best is highlight the background stories of the characters so, we as viewers, have an emotional connection. We feel like we know these people. We root for them to win! This idea is similar to what I’m seeing a few of our chapters doing in social media.

A new trend for barbershop choruses on Facebook is the “Member Spotlight” and I LOVE IT. What a great, simple way to give recognition and an “atta boy” to dedicated and talented chapter guys. As a chapter, you’re basically saying “We so proud of our members we want thousands of other people to see how awesome they are, too.” I’ve seen the Voices of Gotham, Westminster Chorus, and Vocal Evolution (BHA) starting this trend. Each and every one of them has their own specific style matching the chapter’s personality.

Want to see examples? Check out:

Voices of Gotham Spotlight

Westminster Chorus Spotlight

Vocal Evolution (BHA) Spotlight

What are YOU doing? Let us know in the comments below!


Don’t forget to follow us on facebook, twitter, YouTube and instagram!

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Stick Time: Behind-the-Scenes – ChoralNet

Posted by Brian Lynch | Posted in Press Clippings | Posted on March 11, 2014, 9:26 AM


We mentioned earlier how exciting it was to have Westminster Chorus represent the Society at the Western ACDA convention. This recent post on ChoralNet highlights that event from a different perspective. It’s an appreciation of the universal fears and elation leading up to a Big Gig like this.

Those few who have been invited to perform at an ACDA divisional or national conference occupy a rarified strata of the choral world.  Our association is extremely discerning where the matter of issuing those precious performance slots is concerned.

The journey from application to performance is an arduous one.  The stakes are high, the demands for performance excellence even higher.  No one knows that better than the ensemble’s leadership.

Referring to the performance by the Westminster Chorus at an ACDA divisional conference, WC Executive director Justin Miller said, “It’s an exciting time that’s been months & years in the planning.  The ACDA doesn’t have contests, so to be invited to simply sing is just about their highest honor.”

Here is a brief look at some of the behind-the-scenes preparation involved in reaching the stage at an ACDA conference from an ensemble that performed during last weekend’s Western Division Conference.

via Stick Time: Behind-the-Scenes – ChoralNet.

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